Cally Wags Adventure Holidays

Cally Wags provide furry adventure holidays for dogs looking for an exclusive home from home experience.

Generally we board from one household only and from two households at the most in consultation with you and your owners.  

This means you get the right attention you need to enjoy your holiday.

We ensure careful introductions and familiarisation for all furry customers and provide a free taster day/sleepover before your stay if required.

You must have up to date vaccinations and regular flea and worming treatment.

And you will need to put up with me as resident dog!​

All Shapes and Ages Welcome!

It is important you visit Cally Wags so you can check out the accommodation and meet us

And you will of course need to bring your owners along so they can check us out too!​​

If you feel comfortable and we can meet your needs then...

You're in! ​​

Some of my friends...

really like people

we can support that!

are a bit grumpy

we can support that!

are serious about playing

we can support that!

Some of my friends...

will try to eat anything

we can support that!

are keen explorers

we can support that!

need help to settle at bedtime

we can support that!

Some of my friends...

need lots of excercise

we can support that!

worry about other dogs

we can support that!

are really excited all the time

we can support that!

Some of my friends...

just can't help digging

we can support that!

like their own space

we can support that!

need a lot of brushing

we can support that!

some of my friends...

can get a bit familiar

we can support that!

don't like being on their own

we can support that!

just get into all sorts

we can support that!

some of my friends...

worry about people

we can support that!

just can't help getting dirty

we can support that!

think its fun to chase bees

we can support that!

some of my friends...

can get a bit fixated

we can support that!

don't see or hear so well

we can support that!



Please don't be afraid to tell us about the real you.

Help us to get it right for you so you can focus on enjoying your holiday adventures.

What is included?

Cally Wags priority is to make you feel at home

Licensed accommodation in our home with one to one attention as required

Regular and varied adventures according to your needs

Medication administered if required

Meals prepared according to your usual routine

Access to fresh water at all times

Regular supervised access to the garden

Regular brushing according to your needs​

Shampoo and wash if needed

Plenty of snuggles according to your preference

Lots of play and supervised access to Cally Wags toy box as required

Opportunities to meet new furry friends

Own space when required

Supporting consistency in training needs as required

Cally Wags treats and homemade goodies (some of my friends like to bring their own)

Email updates and photos for your owners peace of mind 

Pet toiletries provided (some of my friends like to bring their own)​

Towels provided (some of my friends like to bring their own)

Food Bowls provided (some of my friends have a special bowl or just like to bring their own)​

Bedding provided if required (MOST of my friends like to bring their own)

Pet washing machine facilities

Waste bags provided (compliant waste disposal)

Please Note:  you can contact Swale Borough Council direct and they will provide you the up to date list of licensed home boarding establishments.

Licence conditions for animal boarding establishments available on Swale Borough Council website:
Available to view during Cally Wags initial consultation

Home Boarding Rates

1-4 Nights: £25 per Night    5-7 Nights: £24 per Night    8-14 Nights: £22 per Night 

15 + Nights: reduced rate based on package required following initial consultation 

Reduced rate for second dog from same household: £10 

*Day Care Rates may apply if you are picked up after 11am*


Visiting Cally Wags

What you need to know about your first visit?

Tell your owners Cally Wags have off road parking and we will come out to meet you when you arrive.  

That way we can have a stroll across the field and meet each other the way us dogs like to.  

Then I can show you around our home and garden and give you the heads up on where the pet cupboard is! 

Some of my friends prefer to check the place out on their own which means I can go and have a nap, no problem.  

And then our owners get to know each other the way they like to, drinking tea and coffee seems to be the way. ​​ 


Cally Wags Holiday Checklist​

​You MUST bring your vaccination card with you when you are staying at Cally Wags.

Your vaccination card is like your owners passport.  

No passport means no holiday! 




Favourite Toys​​


Pet Toiletries*


Plus any other items which are important to you!​​

*You will need to bring your own food to ensure consistency in your diet.  

*If you have preferred tastes or particular dietary and or health needs feel free to bring your own treats and toiletries too.​​​


We get booked up very quickly at Cally Wags and are already taking bookings for 2019...

Yes that's 2019!   

So if you want some pawsome holiday adventures at Cally Wags make sure you get in quick!