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Photo by Andrew Beck www.andrewbeckphotography.co.uk

I'm Calle Petra,  I was rescued in 2008 along with over 100 fellow canines, having been kept in conditions that were not fit for any animal.  I was really 'street frightened' hence my name, in fact I was petrified of most things.  

My mum and dad have always worked in health and social care (my dad still does).   And they have both lived with and cared for different animals.  Taking me in required serious time and commitment with lots of understanding and patience...I'm worth it though!

Photo by Andrew Beck

So about me...


Rescued by the RSPCA, I was petrified of everything and needed careful re-homing. Going out for a 'W' word was just the worst thing ever,  I couldn't even bring myself to bark and I looked like I was missing my tail I kept it so close under me.  I was even too scared to enjoy a nice smell.  I had no understanding of the world I came into. Dogs I understood, its what I found attached to them seriously concerned me!


Sammy and my new family helped me feel safe and see the good in people.  She looked similar to me just bigger and braver, she was pretty amazing actually.  Everybody loved her and she loved everyone.


I'm still cautious and miss Sammy looking out for me but I'm really confident in familiar places now.  Still, my mum is very careful about who looks after me as they need to understand my particular ways. 

And so Cally Wags was established In 2014.


With my help and some training my mum and dad joined the pet care community to offer services that put us pets first.  

Personalised pet services which are tailored to your particular ways! 

Why Cally Wags?


Early on having had a cheeky moment my Nan, who also helped me learn to appreciate people said in my defence

"She's not a Scally Wag...she's a little Cally Wag"

And so it stuck!

Cally Wags priority is to understand your individual needs and particular ways.


Take a look at our services and feel free to call.  

If we are not able to help, we might know who can.​​​​

Our Services

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Find out what Cally Wags need to know about our furry customers so we can get it right for you. 

Furry Important

If you need to know more just ask your owners to call text or email.

We will always try our best to get back to you the same day if possible.

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