Furry Important

Cally Wags will not provide pet services without meeting you and your owner first.


A free no obligation consultation provides the opportunity to meet so you can be sure we are the right service for you.

Customer forms provided during initial consultation

Licence and Law


For the health and safety of our furry customers you must have regular flea and worming treatment and up to date vaccinations.

Dogs must wear a suitable fitted collar and identity when in public (The Control of Dogs Order, 1992).  Your lead, collar, harness must be in good condition and fit correctly to ensure your safety.   

We provide a temporary identity tag with Cally Wags contact details when your out with us as an additional safety measure.    

Even furrier Important


Individual furry preference

If there is one thing I love is a good towel rub when I get back home from a wet walk.  Even when I was really scared I quite liked a nice towel rub.  Not too intense though, it has to be just so.  Cally Wags want to get it right for you.  So please tell us about routines which are important to you and help to make you comfortable.  It's the little things that count right?



More important are treats.  I didn't really appreciate what treats meant until I met my new family and watched Sammy do 'tricks for treats'.  So Cally Wags understand different pets have different dietary needs and that treats are another serious discussion for us to have if we are going to look after you the right way.


Toys and play

I worry about some toys but I love my 'Chewy Bonio' which is definitely an important part of my day and I do enjoy a nice Kong.  Some of my friends are very serious about things like balls, sticks and even socks! Although I worry about toys my mum and dad have helped me to find different ways to play and have fun.  Cally Wags will need to know what you think is fun and how you like to play best.​


Out and about

We walk and play in all weather as long as it is safe and furry customers are happy.  In extreme weather walks may be shorter or cancelled.  I can struggle if places are too busy and noisy.  Cally Wags will need to know what is important for you when you go out.   ​



With a calm and patient approach I have come to appreciate the benefits of travel.  Cally Wags priority is that you travel safely and feel comfortable.  If you have your own harness Cally Wags would prefer you use this however, we can provide one if necessary.  The Cally Wagon has a spacious protected boot area and seat coverings, is fitted with a pet guard and is air conditioned.  If we travel together then we walk together.  Dogs are never left waiting in the Cally Wagon when out on walks.


Off lead?

Sometimes I am that brave now that I go leadless!  Only in places where I feel okay and of course if my mum and dad agree as I'm very good at 'selective hearing' like some of my friends.  Cally Wags walks are always on lead unless owners sign consent for off lead and when trust and good recall are established.  This is only in places where it is safe to do so.


Individual needs

I might look innocent but I am certainly brave enough to get into mischief!  I try my 'what me?' look but I think my mum and dad know me too well now.  As much as I hate to say it, you must tell Cally Wags about the different things you might get up to or behaviours that you need help with.  I can be worried about new people, so we have to make sure people understand I need time to feel okay about saying hello and can be a bit of a drama about it if I'm honest.  And sometimes like lots of my friends, I like to be a bit cheeky just because I can!


Your Information

As you can see some of my friends have helped to make our website a bit more interesting to view with some wonderful snaps of their favourite photos.  They have all given their permission for their photos to be used and understand that Cally Wags will not use images of our furry customers without consent from their owners.  Your personal information is strictly confidential and not shared with third parties without prior consent.

Have a look and check out our services if you haven't already!


Or perhaps you have a more unusual request.  Please call text or email and we will always try our best help.

Our Services


Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy are also provided during the initial consultation.  

I think I've covered the most important things from a furry perspective but tell your owners they can contact us if they have any questions.​ 

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